Essential Oils in the Bible

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4 responses to “Essential Oils in the Bible

  1. I am interested in getting started with more essential oils and was wondering what family introduction pack was available, how much it costs and what it includes?

    Thanks, Leah Bartoo

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    • HI Leah, doTERRA really makes it easy. I will send you an email too. But it’s VERY simple. It’s very similar to Costco. There is a $35 enrollment fee and after that you get everything at wholesale, 25% off. In order to keep your wholesale pricing you have to buy one item every YEAR. They also have a money back gaurentee on all their products, no questions asked.

      You can start with one of the kits they have put together (the $35 fee is waived if you do) The kits are actually below wholesale, or you can create your own kit. You will get the discount right off the bat. Plus right now the promotion is recieve $50 in free product after you enroll with a kit. There are many kits to choose from starting at $150 and go up. I always suggest to start with the largest kit you can afford. People often regret not getting bigger kits, because you save the most when you do. I have never had someone regret buying too large of a kit, only too small. You can find more info on enrollment kits here:

      There are lots of other benefits to being a member, like free product of the month club, special offers etc. Here is a link where it explains everything better

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