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  • Natural Spider Repellent

    Do you hate, hate, HATE spiders. When you see one scurrying around your home does it put you on edge for days – or until it’s found and “disposed” of. Luckily essential oils come to the rescue again and now I use peppermint oil to all but eradicate spiders from my home. Here’s what you do… Simply fill a spray…

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  • Our Struggle with ADD

    Essential Oils that helped our Son Are you sick of medicating your child? I was! My son was diagnosed with an attention disorder when he was in first grade. Our choice in medication was an anti-depressant or an amphetamine. The doctor seemed to lean towards the later and we did as the doctor ordered. We desperately…

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  • Essential Oils for Focus and Mental Clarity

    Essential Oils for Focus and Mental Clarity We know that essential oils are the most potent part of a plant. Allowing us to use a small amount of oil to accomplish our desired result. Here are the facts of what Melissa and Vetiver Essential oils can do. Why not use it in its most pure and potent form?…

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  • Sugar Scrub for Baby Soft Hands and Feet

    Do Your Hands and Feet Resemble Sandpaper? Try This DIY Scrub Made With Essential Oils Cold weather isn’t all sleigh rides and hot cocoa sipping; it can also be very harsh on your hands and feet, causing them to become dry, flaky or itchy. Exfoliating your hands and feet 1-2 times a week will keep…

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  • The Wonders of Frankincense

    The Mystery of Frankincense Used for many thousands of years, the Frankincense tree has perhaps the greatest association with spiritual practice of any plant on earth. In most of the great ancient cultures, including the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations, it has played a role in religious and domestic life. Frankincense has been…

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  • Why & How To Diffuse Essential Oils

    Why & How To Diffuse Essential Oils  Find the best deals on Diffusers on Amazon.com Spa Mist Color Changing Fountain Mister The Ultimate Home Health Care Defense Against Infectious DiseaseTo diffuse essential oils in your home or office is a perfect way to help you relieve tension, dispel odors, and create an atmosphere of peace…

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