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I know this is the section I am supposed to come up with something witty and clever that will make you like me and want to follow my blog. But to tell you the truth that is not me. You get what you see and that’s that. Anyway I also lack in the clever and witty department but I LOVE pictures, so this will be more of a photo introduction.

Free essential oilsI am JoAnn and my handsome is Jake. Together we have 3 BEAUTIFUL children. (This was taken at our first family trip to DisneyLand paid for by doTERRA!)

We are living MY dream in the wonderful mountains of Idaho. (Jake’s more of a city-kid) Yep, that’s our view from the back porch! I truly am one lucky gal.

In the summer we try and spend plenty of time at the river.

We also run an in-home daycare, YIKES! Actually, its more of a playcare. My Jake is just a big kid, and as soon as he enters the room the decimal level goes up tenfold. We try to teach them a thing or two while we are at it, but that is another blog entirely.

. . . . . . . . and we obsess over Essential Oils.

Free Pure Essential Oils

I decided to make this blog to help educate others and hopefully stir some interest in those who are trying to find an alternate way to generate some income. Living in the mountains we have to be pretty creative on making a living. There really isn’t much of an economy here and the nearest big city is 50 miles away. We decided a while ago that time was more important to us than money. My husband was commuting 3 hours a day, getting home at 7pm didn’t leave much family time. Thus we started our adventure as work from home parents.

Thanks for supporting us in this journey and we hope you stick around a while. If you are interested in how you can become a “work from home parent” please shoot us an email at discoverdoterra21@gmail.com

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