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I am so glad that many of  you responded to my offer to recieve a free sample of doTERRA’s amazing essential oil! Please accept this as my gift to you. I am grateful for this chance to connect with you. I have used essential oils for many years but I have found these oils to be the highest quality therapeutic-grade oils currently available anywhere. When you use them, you will see what I mean! I know of some of the ways that essential oils can heal & bless. That knowledge flames my excitement to share doTERRA with you.

I invite you to:

1) join me in experiencing the oils;

2) learn more by viewing a webinar at;

3) contact me and ask any questions you may have;

4) join doTERRA;

5) share doTERRA to bless yourself & others.

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Here is a testimonial I just recieved from Abbie Coley:

“ok so I had my first oils Class yesterday and there was a lady that came who has cancer and her stomach is so bad that she doesn’t hardly eat and when she does she throws up. This week she was going in to see about getting a feeding tube put in. We gave her Lemon, Oregano and Melaleuca in a capsule. NOT KIDDING, as soon as the capsule was dissolved she said that the Oregano was hot and she could taste it but the pain was gone and she ate a hot-dog, chips, potato salad and a soda and felt fine. Wow I am blessed to be a part of doTERRA!!!”

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