Fire is Contained!

I have been working on a post about my Juice Fast/Reboot cleanse, which I had plans to post today. However, I have only written a few sentences about the cleanse. That is due to the fact that I have been a little distracted with the “FIRE!”

Last Sunday, Aug 5th, something happened at Skinny Dipper hot springs. I say something because the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Skinny Dipper Hot Springs is exactly what it sounds like. A hot springs where you will find lots of naked people soaking and enjoying nature.

Skinny Dipper Hot Springs Garden Valley

With the dry August grass it didn’t take long for  the fire take over the mountain side. Within 2 days the fire had spread over 2000 acres. The fire also affected road use, shutting down highway 17, which is the main road to get out-of-town.

Springs Fire Garden Valley Idaho

Some of my girlfriends and I had planned a girls day out for Friday, we were girls or better put moms on a mission. The fire did not stop us from taking a windy, bumpy back road to “town.” It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes. We had plans and these plans included eating some delicious food that we did not have to cook ourselves. In the words of Diana Ross, “there ain’t no mountain high enough” (or fire hot enough) to keep us from Girls Night Out! After some much needed girl time we headed back up the mountain.

By this time the road had reopened. The view on the way home was quite disheartening as we could see that our peacefully valley would be forever scarred by the fire. I have often heard it is just mother nature doing her job, and I know this is true, however it didn’t make my heart hurt any less.Free Essential Oils JoAnn Fowler

My parents also live in our peaceful little mountain town. They live 6 miles up the mountain, which means 6 miles closer to the fire. Sunday afternoon their subdivision was put on a pre level 1 evacuation warning. This means to prepare your important items and be ready to evacuate. Since they were out-of-town, I called them and they asked me to get a few important things, among the items were family photos, genealogy, important documents, my moms new car and wait for it . . . .  I just love this part, my dad’s bamboo fishing pole. It made me think of the few things I would take if I had to leave home in a hurry. I know it’s a common cliche but I truly feel like if I had my family it wouldn’t matter what else I had.

Thankfully the 515 fire fighters that included 9 hand crews, 27 engines, 7 dozers, 7 water tenders, and 3 helicopters and crews, worked around the clock to keep the 6000+ fire from climbing over the ridge and away from any structures.  They now have the fire 65% contained and all the residents of Garden Valley are breathing and sleeping much better. Thank you firefighters and their families for protecting our homes and communities. I suppose its time to blog about my Juicing Journey.

Pictures taken in courtesy of Kari Greer

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