Step By Step Enrollment Guide

To Enroll Please visit my site by clicking on this LINK then follow the simple directions below.


Creating Your FREE Wholesale Customer Account with doTERRA

If you wish to become a wholesale customer and enjoy the benefits of doTERRA products, follow these steps to set up your account on doTERRA’s official website:

Step 1: Follow this link to doTERRA’s Official Website

Step 2: Start Shopping

Since you used my referal link you will get a free 12 month membership. You will notice that it has already been added to your shopping bag. What are you waiting for? Get shopping and enjoy your 25% discount.

Step 3: Follow the Check Out Instructions

You will be asked to provide your personal information, including your name, address, phone number, and email address. Please ensure that you enter accurate information.

Step 4 (optional): Set Up Next Month’s Order

Too many items on your WISH LIST? If you’re like me, you shopping cart is filled to the brim and your budget doesn’t allow you to buy EVERYTHING you want all in one go! Guess What? You can set up your next months order in what’s called your Loyalty Reward Order.

THIS MEANS MORE FREE STUFF Keep coming back each month to add and change up your monthly order! doTERRA has amazing promo’s every month for members.

Step 5: Welcome to doTERRA

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your doTERRA wholesale customer account. You will receive an email confirmation with your account details.

You can now log in to your account, explore doTERRA’s product offerings, and enjoy the benefits of being a wholesale customer, such as access to discounted pricing and exclusive promotions.

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