The best way to learn about doTERRA products is to use doTERRA products.  No book or website can take the place of your own personal testimony.  For more detailed information about doTERRA products, we recommend the following:

Modern Essentials.  This book is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about doTERRA oils.  There are two versions:  a full-size and a pocket guide.  These books give information on the history and science of essential oils as well as reflexology charts and instructions on the Aroma Touch Technique.   A comprehensive, alphabetical  listing of  common disorders and serious illnesses makes it easy to determine the recommended protocol.  Very thorough and highly recommended.

Additional reading:

Healing Oils of the Bible, David Stewart

The Healing Intelligence of Oils, Kurt Schnaubelt

The Complete Book of Essential  Oils & Aromatherapy, Valerie Ann Wormwood


On the Go:

Once you get started with doTERRA essential oils, you will be hooked.  You won’t want to be without your oils.  In addition, you’ll want to share your doTERRA essential oils with others.  They are so effective that you cannot keep this secret  to yourself.   You will soon realize that, where ever you go, people frequently talk about their health issues.  You’ll  find yourself thinking, “I have an oil for that!”

Carrying around your own oils or sample vials is a great way to share with others. Buy your own keychain mini carrying kit and fill with your favorite oils. Be sure to instruct your friends and family on proper usage.

Enjoy your journey to natural health.  Help others heal along the way.

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