Essential Oils for Focus and Mental Clarity

children with ADD and essential oils
Essential Oils for Focus and Mental Clarity

We know that essential oils are the most potent part of a plant. Allowing us to use a small amount of oil to accomplish our desired result. Here are the facts of what Melissa and Vetiver Essential oils can do. Why not use it in its most pure and potent form? That is why I recommended use doTERRA’s Melissa Oil and/or Vetiver Essential Oil.

doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapudic Grade Essential Oils are so pure you can drink them. That is why putting a drop of Melissa oil in a small bit of water everyday makes using these oils an easy alternative to Prescription Medications.  Diet is an important factor to take into consideration when trying to treat ADD/ADHD without prescription medications. Pairing the recommendations below with doTERRA Essential Oils can make it possible for your child to become medicaiton free. Read how essential oils have helped our son.

Facts that Essential Oils can help



Differential Diagnosis

Signs & Symptoms

The Hunter Child

Complementary & Alternative Therapies

Nutritional Factors

Sugar Intolerance

Artificial Colors & Preservatives

Applied Nutrition

Essential Fatty Acids

Botanical Medicine

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3 responses to “Essential Oils for Focus and Mental Clarity”

  1. Hi. I commented on your other article about ADHD. I am just starting out with blogging and talk of my struggles with having a child with ADHD. I have been reading more about oils and have dabbled a little in it. She does not sleep at night so I have been rubbing sage and ylang ylang mixed with jojoba oil on her feet at night, but it does not seem to help. She is on meds for focus in the morning and meds at night to help her sleep. We keep trying different combos and none work just right. She seems to do well at school on the meds, but night time is a huge struggle. I struggle with actually going forward with the oils because I have tried so many things and spent tons of money and have been disappointed. I have been reluctant to try the oils because of the expense and not wanting to be disappointed. Also there are so many oils and each kid may be affected by them differently that the trial and error seems overwhelming. I have been trying to find samples of the oils to cut down on the cost until I see if they work with my daughter. Do you have any suggestions on this? I would love to hear about it.

    • @mostlysanemamas It is a challenge to find a good high quality essential oil, especially off the shelf. That is why I only use doTERRA essential oils. I have tried others in the past and have been left wanting. Have you tried lavender essential oil to help her sleep at night? That would be my recommendation for sleep. You are right to apply the oils with a carrier on her feet. The feet are an excellent place to apply the oils, you can also dab a bit behind her ears at night. I understand the overwhelming feeling and the struggle to do what is best for your child. You do what you can and you just keep going. There is an answer out there for you and your daughter, do not be discouraged. I would be happy to give you a free sample. You can request a free sample of lavender oil through my blog.

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