Our Struggle with ADD

Essential Oils that helped our Son

Are you sick of medicating your child? I was! My son was diagnosed with an attention disorder when he was in first grade. Our choice in medication was an anti-depressant or an amphetamine. The doctor seemed to lean towards the later and we did as the doctor ordered. We desperately wanted our 6-year-old, John, to succeed in his schooling and to be able to make friends. We felt like this was our only choice. I was concerned to say the least when I found out the seriousness of the prescription. The pharmacist had to check our ID’s and we had to hand carry in the prescription. They would not allow faxed copies. Despite my hesitations and concerns our wonderful, perfect in his monther’s eyes, young boy began his medication.

Our son started doing amazing. His teacher noticed the improvement and he seemed to be doing much better. What more could a mother ask for, right? His future was bright and we was reading at grade level. But soon my husband and I noticed something, at first it didn’t seem like a big deal so we ignored that our son’s appetite was diminishing. Then a 1/2 bowl of cereal for breakfast, and when he came home from school he didn’t want an afternoon snack. Now my son had never been much of an eater, he has a rather small build. But when he started skipping dinner I couldn’t handle it anymore. The meds had to go, there had to be another way. His teacher noticed right away and perhaps she didn’t agree with my decision but she was still doing her best to help my son. I really didn’t want her to bear this burden as a first year teacher and I kept thinking, “well, I can handle my little wiggle boy. It doesn’t bother me at all if he has to stand to do his work.” That’s right, I decided to home school.

Now, you must know that at this time I was 8 months pregnant and ran an in-home daycare. My husband was taking online university courses and was home most of the day. We discussed it and agreed that together we could handle it. We did our best and the difficulties and successes we experienced could be a blog in itself. After a semester of home school we decided he was ready to go back to the public school. He still struggled and that is when we turned to looking at natural alternatives. It was during this time when we stumbled upon doTERRA Essential Oils. We put them to test immediately. We had bought John a small clay pendant necklace, put some Vetiver Essential Oil on it and had him wear it during the day. We didn’t want to tell his teacher what we were doing because we wanted to see if she noticed any difference without looking for the difference. Well she and John’s classmates noticed he “smelled” right away. John blew our cover and told the class they were essential oils to help him focus.

I could have kissed his teacher for what happened next. She got excited and told John it was wonderful. She told the whole class that John was wearing some special natural oils that would help him focus. Anyone that wanted to focus better just needed to take a whiff of John’s necklace. Pretty soon everyone in the class wanted to sit by John. When someone needed to focus they just went to John and took a deep breath of his necklace. Now you must know that Vetiver does have a different odor, one that not everyone likes. This situation could have been a very negative one and made my son feel horrible and decide never to use essential oils again. I will be forever grateful for this teacher.

Needless to say, this oil helped John and his entire class focus. John started to do better in all his subjects. The teacher was so pleased with how the oils worked she allowed me to bring a diffuser in the classroom to use during their standardized testing. We have now added Vetiver in a diffuser in his room at night and doTERRA’s XeOmega Oils to his regiment and have seen even more improvement on his concentration. Remember consistency over a period of time is key to any natural remedy.

I have learned a lot on this journey on the role of proper diet and nutrition when dealing with spirited children. I have summarized it in a separate post. I do hope you will continue to do your research and try a natural approach to helping your child. Remember it may not be the first thing or even the third natural remedy you try that works, but there is something out there that will help. My friend has found success with doTERRA’s focus blend, InTune, for her son, I have another that uses Balance. Be open to trying different approaches and stay consistent in the one you are using. You may not notice a difference right away but slowly and surely over time with consistency  you will see if what you are doing is helping. I suggest using essential oils for at least 4-6 weeks before expecting to see a change.

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  2. Loved this article. My daughter has ADHD, SPD, and anxiety. I have recently been reading about oils and am thinking of trying them. I do use some at night, but I am thinking of using them during the day to help her at school. I would love to have her off meds. Thank you for your article.

    1. @mostlysanemammas: did you request a free sample through thought this site? I would like to help you get started with dōTERRA, the wholesale membership is the best way to get started, that is how I started.

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